Wiz Khalifa Takes A Trip Down “Memory Lane” On New Song

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Wiz Khalifa shares his latest single, “Memory Lane.”


It’s officially Wizzle season. Wiz Khalifa announced his upcoming album, Multiverse earlier this month with a July 29th release date in place. After unveiling a handful of singles, he delivered his final song off of the album before it drops in its entirety.This morning, Wiz Khalifa shared his latest single, “Memory Lane,” a perfect anthem for the summertime smoke seshes. The breezy production meets Wiz’s laidback flow as he details the highs and lows of a relationship. “There you go with the memories/ The reason why the ego is the worst enemy,” he raps on the song.

Prior to the release of “Memory Lane,” Wiz shared “Badass Bitch” and “ANOTHER ONE” with Ronny J.

Multiverse will serve as Wiz’s second release of 2022, following Full Court Press alongside Big K.R.I.T. and Girl Talk.

Quotable Lyrics
‘Cause we done did shit that you can’t erase
And fuck the shit I bought, I have you game that you can’t replace
Came up in a major way
Quit movin’ out of fear, started movin’ out of faith



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