Westside Boogie & Shelley Join Forces On “AIGHT”

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Westside Boogie and Shelley team up for “AIGHT.”


It appears to be album time for Westside Boogie. The Compton rapper delivered a consistent spree of new music since the release of Everythings For Sale in 2019 through a series of freestyles., guest appearances, and a handful of singles. However, after three years, the rapper’s follow-up appears to be officially on the way.Kicking off the campaign is his new collaboration with Shelley (f.k.a DRAM), “AIGHT.” The smooth record boasts production from Darttny Ellis and Keyel who deliver pulsating 808s and an ethereal atmosphere. Though the beat sounds particularly fitting for a night at the strip club, Boogie and Shelley offer a glimmer of optimism when times get rough.

Check the single out below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
In my bitty, I’m that n***y
I was broke and still was picky
Let the bitches have the Fendi, rock Balencis with the Dickies, uh, ho
She spilled her heart and I just was like so
I called my ho, she can bring me more hoes


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