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Wale’s Sneaker Fetish Is Still Real On “Tiffany Nikes”

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Since the blog era, Wale has reminded people of the strength of his pen and his fashion sense. His sneaker collection inspired his breakout single, “Nike Boots” which later received an additional verse from Lil Wayne. However, a decade later, and Wale hasn’t switched up on his mission statement.

The rapper returned on Friday with the release of his highly anticipated project, Folarin II. “Tiffany Nikes,” which arrives at track #4, puts Wale together with producers Good Intent and Torch who create a soundscape of triumph for the DC rapper to tackle. As the horns hit, Wale dives into the production detailing his 10+ year run in the rap game. “2009, I was putting ’em on, they wasn’t excited/ Now they on the blogs for dressin’ just like me, ironic,” he raps on the record.

Check the record out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Tell me who, tell me who, tell me who hot
A decade or better, with how many bops?
Hell if I know why them crackers don’t like me
Maybe I’m Black and I’m actin’ just like it
Maybe my passion done fucked up my prices


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