Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper Snap On Collaborative Track “Wraith” Video

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Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper are at their best on “Wraith.”


Vic Mensa has always been one of the more unique artists out of Chicago. He is someone who has adopted various different styles over the years and he is always evolving his sound into some new and fresh. He also loves to work with his Chicago contemporaries, and that is exactly what he did on this new track called “Wraith (Writing Exercise #3).” As you can see, the song features none other than Chance The Rapper.In this track, we are met with some laid back and skeletal production that allows Mensa and Chance to truly shine. Throughout the song, both artists give off some pretty dope performances although just like the production, they are nonchalant with their flows. Either way, they are both spitting bars here and it is clear that they have a ton of chemistry.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Pick up the pace if I pick up the phone
She acting up I start acting along
She woke up one morning and that bitch was gone
We not in Kansas like Patrick Mahomes


Marathon Continues

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