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Trapboy Freddy & Hotboy Wes Join Forces On “Jump Out”

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Trapboy Freddy taps Hotboy Wes for his new single.

Trapboy Freddy and Hotboy Wes have an excellent track record together. This week, they teamed up for their new collaboration, “Jump Out.” Exhilarating trap production backs the two as they pop their shit and go back-and-forth with their bars. The record celebrates their accomplishments and the progress they’ve made in their careers.The two rappers have a tight-knit relationship that they formed during Hotboy’s early days in rap. During our recent interview with the New 1017, Hotboy Wes explained how Trapboy Freddy played a significant role in helping launch his career.

“Yeah, that boy kept me out a lot of shit, you know?” He explained. ” I used to take heat but I just had to find out for myself. But yeah, he did the best he could do and that shit turned out right. He saved me from a lotta mothafuckas. He saved me from myself a lotta times. That’s my f*cking dawg. No cap.”

Check out the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I poured the mud in a pineapple Fanta
Put that on God, I’mma die with a hammer
I gotta get me a bag like I’m Santa
For all of the nights I was locked in the slammer

Marathon Continues

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