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The Weeknd’s “Sacrifice” Music Video Welcomes Us To “Dawn FM”

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The Weeknd’s new video comes with an epilepsy warning and was directed by Cliqua, the same duo behind his “Take My Breath” visual.

At midnight, The Weeknd welcomed Dawn FM, and hours later, the 31-year-old Toronto native has delivered a music video for the project’s fifth track, “Sacrifice,” which sees him rocking a cool black leather outfit and orange-tinted sunglasses while The Mask actor Jim Carrey provides narration.

As the Starboy hitmaker breaks into song, he finds himself being carried into a strange room with flashing lights where he’s hooked up to a machine and eventually approached by an anonymous woman in red who seems to snatch his soul, to put it mildly.

The Weeknd’s latest arrival also features appearances from Tyler, the Creator on “Here We Go… Again,” Lil Wayne on “I Heard You’re Married,” and Quincy Jones on “A Tale By Quincy.”

I was born in a city/Where the winter nights don’t ever sleep/So this life’s always with me/The ice inside my veins will never bleed,” Abel’s sultry voice sings at the top of the track, which sees production from Swedish House Mafia and Max Martin, along with a sample of Alicia Meyers’ “I Want to Thank You” from 1981.

Viewers have been loving The Weeknd’s new video thus far. “His voice is so terrific,” one YouTube user wrote. “Abel is someone who is always developing, never stops! He pulls his thing through, therefore all of his songs are hits. Respect!” Another person predicted, “you just know Abel is going to create the most beautiful cinematics for this era.”

Check out the video for “Sacrifice” above and let us know how you’re feeling about Dawn FM in the comments.

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