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Summer Walker Tags Lil Durk On “Toxic”

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Just as cuffing season hits, Summer Walker reminded all the ladies why they should remain single with the release of her new album, Still Over It. Dropping two years after the release of her official debut, Over It, Summer’s latest project finds her addressing all of the matters in her personal life that ended up being fixtures on the blogs. Of course, she did it with the assistance of some incredible collaborators.Among the many highlights on the album is Summer Walker’s collab with Lil Durk, “Toxic.” Active By Night, Dreamlife, and Dylan Graham handle the sultry production as Summer reflects on the effects of unhealthy relationships. Durk doesn’t necessarily follow a similar theme, rather addressing the standard of relationship goals he and India Cov have established over the years.

Check the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics
I don’t think you doin’ shit, but you nеver know
Funny how you never volunteer your phone
I wanna walk away, but what if I’m wrong?
Believin’ you, needin’ you, wantin’ to see it through




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