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Stunna 4 Vegas & YRB Tezz Connect On “No Diss” Video

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Stunna 4 Vegas and Yrb Tezz connect for a new single.


Stunna 4 Vegas has been running it up over the past two years. Turning up alongside DaBaby, he’s recently spent a concerted effort towards establishing his name as a solo act. In 2020, he dropped of Welcome To 4 Vegas which he continues to ride high off of to this day. However, his hustle hasn’t slowed down, even if he isn’t delivering new music on streaming platforms frequently. Throughout 2021, he’s released plenty of loose singles on his YouTube page which hopefully, is a sign that a follow-up to Welcome To 4 Vegas is currently on the way.This week, the rapper came through with his latest collaboration with Yrb Tezz. The two rappers deliver their latest single, “No Diss” which puts their high-energy delivery front and center as they swap bars and rip through the eerie instrumental.

Quotable Lyrics
I was 18 when I seen a hunnid bands
I ran off on the plug like the gingerbread
N***a, you a worker, bitch, you a middle man
I’m a real deal slime, I never show my hands

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