SpotemGottem Drops Off Eerie Banger “Deep Fried” Video

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New music from Spotemgotem.


Spotemgotem had the top of 2021 on lock. It was damn-near impossible to escape the rattling sounds of “Beat Box,” thanks to the TikTok challenge that propelled the song to virality. At the same time, he faced his own fair share of criticism after details about his past came to light. Surprisingly, he’s pushed through and remained consistent with his output this year, setting himself up for a strong year ahead.Before the year comes to an immediate close, Spotemgotem slid through with some new heat. On Friday, he shared his latest single, “Deep Fried.” Produced by HoodRixh, Spotemgotem tackles the eerie beat with cut-throat bars. “I’m a Grinch, I’m the devil/ I play with mutherf**kin fye/ Send another f**kin steppa/ That last one he got deep fried,” he raps at the top of the record.

Peep the latest from Spotem below.

Quotable Lyrics
Dior kicks all on my feet, bitch, I stomp on steel toes
She a lil’ naught girrl, but she still gon’ get what she want
Louis V, Pucci, Prada, Gucci, baby, that’s the funk
Catch a f*ck n***a anywhere, stomp him out, he gettin’ stomped



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