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SpotemGottem Dodges Death In New Single “SRT” Video

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Nearly two months after being in critical condition, SpotemGottem is already making light about his near-death experience.His latest single, “SRT,” is a reflection of his mind state following his stay at a hospital. “I’m unstoppable,” he says. “I’m only vulnerable in my sleep.”A victim of a drive-by shooting, the “Beat Box” rapper was reported to be in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery at the Florida hospital he was located. He had suffered gunshot wounds to both his legs and the driver’s side of the car he was in was shot up at least 22 times.

The rapper rose to fame after “Beat Box” went viral on Tiktok. The song was used as a sound for the platform’s Junebug Challenge. A number of remixes were then released following the song’s immense success. During a recent interview with HNHH at Rolling Loud, the rapper revealed that he enjoyed Dababy’s remix the most.

Quotable Lyrics:
But she wanna be mines, I wanna be free
I’mma mutt baby, so they let me be
I got hit up, they thought I was R.I.P.
Came back from the dead, I rolls when I sleep

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