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Soulja Boy Reintroduces Himself On “They Call Me Draco Baby” Video

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2021 was the year when Soulja Boy made his formal comeback, three years after debating whether Tyga had a bigger return than he did. In 2018, it’s safe to say that Tyga had it on lock but last year, Soulja Boy returned to the limelight. The release of “She Make It Clap” helped im return to the top of the Billboard charts while Adult Swim expressed their appreciation for his single, “Rick N Morty.”

The rapper is apparently keeping the momentum up into 2022, despite revealing his intentions to dive deeper into Hollywood. On Saturday, he shared his latest single, “They Call Me Draco Baby.” The rapper’s latest single leans more on the poppy side as Soulja flexes on his naysayers.

Check out the latest from Soulja Boy below.

Quotable Lyrics
They call me Big Draco, baby
I hit the block, now I’m going crazy
I hit the block, runnin’ up Mercedes
I’m in a ’22 Mercedes

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