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Slatt Zy Shows Us His “Beautiful Scars” Video

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Slatt Zy’s latest follows his collab with 100k Track on “Mercury.”


Up and coming rapper Slatt Zy has dropped off a new single this weekend, called “Beautiful Scars.” The latest arrival follows his collaboration with 100k Track on “Mercury” in August and “Angels Cry 2.0” back in June.“Don’t Play with Slatt On Gawdddd” the Tennessee native captioned his latest Instagram post. “N this my favourite song (LINK IN MY BIO YALL REPOST THIS REAL SUPPORTERS). 4AM but run that shii up.”Along with the hot single, Slatt Zy also shared an accompanying music video which sees him spitting his lyrics in various scenic locations, including under a bridge and by a body of water. “I make the struggle look beautiful, life is crazy / I been through pain felt, some depression it made me / Most of my n*ggas turned they back, it ain’t break me / I gave my heart to people I regretted, they played me,” he reflects on the chorus.

Check out “Beautiful Scars” by Slatt Zy below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Comе around don’t want no drama so just be my peace
Wе ain’t have nowhere to go so we was in the streets
Really from the projects, we was strugglin’ just to f*cking eat
Was broker than a bitch so I ain’t have to worry ’bout them leaches



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