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Skooly Drops New Single “Cracc” Video

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Skooly is often overlooked for his influence on the game but every release makes the impact that much more clearer. Despite a pandemic, 2020 was an incredibly active year for the Atlanta rapper. He released Nobody Likes Me, as well as a live edition, and then unleashed, That Boy With The Bars. No follow-up project has been released yet but it seems like he’s preparing to give fans a body of work before 2021 comes to an end.This week, the rapper delivered a brand new single titled, “Cracc.” Coming after a string of releases like “Love Bones” and “Hide My Love,” his new single dives deeper into his R&B influenced delivery while he pops his shit without hesitation.

Check out the latest song from Skooly below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m from the freaky
On top of the hill, I’m poppin’ a pill on Peach Street
Know that you thought it would be easy
You gon’ have to teach me

Marathon Continues

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