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serpentwithfeet’s Voice Shines On His Cover Of “Bless The Telephone”

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serpentwithfeet is feeling grateful for his mobile this holiday season.


With Christmas being right around the corner, covers of classic holiday songs have been coming out left and right. The most recent arrival comes from serpentwithfeet, who has given us his take on Labi Siffre’s “Bless The Telephone.”“Remember to call that person you love this holiday season,” he captioned an Instagram post showing off the single’s artwork, which has been complimented time and time again in the comment section.

Earlier this year, serpent dropped off DEACON, an 11-track project that saw the vocalist collaborate with NAO on “Heart Storm” while taking on 10 other titles (including “Same Size Shoe,” “Sailor’s Superstition,” and “Derrick’s Beard”) on his own. On November 5th, he fed his fans once again, this time with an EP titled DEACON’S Grove.

The aforementioned follow-up included a remix of “Fellowship” featuring Ambré and Alex Isley, which we recommend you check out when you’re done streaming “Bless The Telephone.”

Have a listen below, and like serpent said, don’t forget to call your loved ones this season.

Quotable Lyrics:

It’s nice, the way you say my name
Not very fast or slow, just soft and low
The same as when you tell me how you feel
I feel the same way, too
I’m very much in love with you

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