Sampa The Great Taps Denzel Curry For “Lane” Video

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Sampa The Great and Denzel Curry connect for a dreamy new single.


It’s been close to three years since Sampa The Great unveiled her last studio project, The Return. However, the release of her latest single, “Lone” ft. Denzel Curry marks a promising indication of what she has in store for her forthcoming project. The Zambian-born rapper locks in with Denzel Curry dreamy new single where she and Denzel showcase their versatility over Powers Pleasant’s production.” I think we just built a relationship off of this very same topic: being left of field artist, not really fitting into one place, wanting to do much more, then what we… Like we want to venture into rock, we want to venture into everything else,” she said of her collab with Denzel on Apple Music. And I think that connection just stayed. And when I sent him the song, I was like, bro, this is exactly what we’ve been talking about: venturing outside what we are comfortable with, growing as artists, and just creating different lanes. And he was down.”

Check the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
When I chose to put my whole life on tape
They tried to put my career in a box
That’s includin’ my circle, I’m bent out of shape
Did somethin’ different, they told me to stop



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