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SAINt JHN Releases New Single “The Best Part Of Life”

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SAINt JHN’s new song “The Best Part Of Life” will hit streaming services at midnight.

SAINt JHN does not operate in conventional ways. The 35-year-old Brooklyn-born talent remains one of the most eclectic faces in music, sharing his new single “The Best Part Of Life” exclusively on YouTube before it drops on all streaming services at midnight tonight.The song celebrates SAINt’s bond with the love of his life, with the Guyanese-American rapper spilling his soul about how the best part of his life is the sheer fact that he gets to spend so many beautiful moments with his partner until forever, as it puts it, until they meet again in the afterlife.

The song’s release comes following the completion of SAINt’s North American tour, which expands into a world tour in January. The GRAMMY-nominated artist will drop the track on streaming services tonight.

Check it out below

Quotable Lyrics:

Who scared?
Who really afraid of where this goes?
Even though I know how it ends up, ain’t nobody scared
I put my hand up in the air
You put your heart up in the air
You gave it to me, made it very clear
This is the ride of your life, I’m excited
I’m happy that it’s private, I’m ready, babe
Don’t gotta tell me how you like it, I’m psychic
I know just how you like it in every way


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