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Sada Baby Lays It Down On “CJ”

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While Sada Baby’s breakout moment was cut short, the rapper remains as prolific as ever. It’s not uncommon to log onto YouTube and find one of his loose singles floating around, along with an accompanying set of visuals every single time. That being said, many of those singles don’t often make it to streaming services but when they do, it’s a sign that he has something on the way.

This week, Sada Baby brought the blistering cold of Detroit with him on his new single, “CJ.” Backed by sinister production, the rapper puts his humor and wordplay on display while pushing his animated flow even further.

Check out the latest offering from Sada Baby below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
Bro bro put that hoodie on, you better run
‘Cause on my momma, I don’t know what he on
I just know he don’t give two fucks ’bout buddy bone
Yo hoe in love with me ’cause me don’t never fuck her wrong

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