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Rvssian & Future Recruit Lil Baby For New Single “M&M”

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Rvssian and Future team up for the new single “M&M,” featuring Lil Baby.


Jamaican producer Rvssian has teamed up with Atlanta rapper Future for the brand new single, titled “M&M,” with a feature from Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. The track was released on Wednesday (December 15) through Rich Immigrants and Interscope Records.The song is planked by a retro synth loop, which Lil Baby destroys for a fiery first verse and chorus before Fire Marshall Future comes through for the second verse. Future is listed as the main artist on the record, while Baby is featured.

“When I made the beat, I think it was pretty unique, because the synth was kind of like retro-ish, and I made it with the track, and I said, ‘Lil Baby, I think Lil Baby would kill it,'” said Rvssian about the song during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “I reached out to him, he loved the beat. It’s recorded a few months back when it was more heavy on lockdown, and recorded at his house, and he FaceTimed me, let me hear it, and I thought it was fire. And then, I wanted to put somebody else on, so I reached out to Future, and he loved it, and he killed it.”

Rvssian also praised Future’s skills during the interview, saying, “He definitely knows what to say to catch people’s ears. Some people call him a very talkative person, but I think that’s what makes his music unique and different. People just love it, especially with his melodies. For sure. I think that’s what he’s mastered over the years, really.”

Check out “M&M” below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

In the streets, Pluto bigger than Jigga
Got racks to my ear, nah, I can’t hear you
Come to the jeweler, it come to this mula
You might as well call me Godzilla
I got these thotties and hotties, exotics
Exotics got bodies on bodies, what’s up?
Real, I’m a rock star but way triller
I fucked on a pop star then hit a stripper

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