Russ Skates Over OutKast’s “Aquemini” Instrumental In New LA Leakers Freestyle

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Russ Skates Over OutKast's "Aquemini" Instrumental In New LA Leakers Freestyle

Russ let Los Angeles know that the South has something to say.

Russ’ L.A. Leakers freestyle comes at the perfect time.Just days after dropping what is easily the most star-studded project of 2021, CHOMP 2, Russ popped out to L.A. to talk about his new project and flex his lyrical prowess. And with HNHH just releasing our 10 Hottest Freestyles of 2021 list earlier today, the Shake The Snow Globe rapper knew exactly what type of competition he was up against heading into 2022.

Keeping his CHOMP 2 momentum rolling, Russ skates over OutKast’s “Aquemini” instrumental. Challenging other rappers to get to where he’s at, Russ dominates his first LA Leakers freestyle, flaunting his impressive resumé and shifting gears like he’s driving stick in San Francisco.

While it’s obviously too late for Russ’ L.A. Leakers appearance to crack our best of 2021 list, his “Aquemini” freestyle will surely be in contention in 2022.

Quotable Lyrics
It’s just some sh*t to think about
Rockstar by looks athlete by bank account
Pardon me for being hungry but I plan to kill
I ain’t really scared of going slow I’m scared of standing still
B*tches spilling tea I’m sipping chamomile
Tied in with my vision like Tannehill, tend to see what can be real before the eyes do



Marathon Continues

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