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Rucci Is In True Form On “Back On My Dawg Sh*t”

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There are a few rappers on the West Coast that are working as hard as Rucci. The Inglewood rapper’s been working overtime this year following the success of Midget. Between February and October, the rapper released three projects including his joint effort with AzChike, Kourtesy Of Us.

This week, he returned with his latest offering, Back On My Dawg Shit. Laced up with 10 songs and one sole feature from Peysoh, the album is littered with homages to the legends that came before. On “Fuck It Up,” he opens up with an interpolation of DMX’s “Where The Hood At.” The subsequent track, “Unt Unt,” opens up with a sample of Run DMC’s “Walk This Way.”

Check out Rucci’s new project Back On My Dawg Shit below.

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