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Ron Suno & Zay Munna Connect For “What They Gon Say” Video

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Ron Suno & Zay Munna Connect For "What They Gon Say"

Ron Suno and Zay Munno join forces on “What They Gon Say.”


It’s been a year filled with highs for Ron Suno. The Bronx rapper successfully made his crossover from Instagram/Youtube viral comedian to a rapper in his own right. Releasing New Boss and Swag Like Mike in 2019 and 2020, respectively, set the stage for this year’s Joke’s Up. While fans have been indulging in the 12-song project, the rapper has more music in the cut that he’s unloading.On Friday, the rapper returned with his latest single, “What They Gon Say” ft. Zay Munna. Classical violins get chopped and sped up as Suno and Munna deliver menacing bars with a sprinkle of humor for an exhilerating anthem.

The latest from Ron Suno arrives a few weeks after he teamed up with Bigkaybeezy for their collab, “For The Record.”

Peep his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
Most of these n***as be cappin’, they pussy
Don’t trip, get run out your hoodie
Oh, that’s an opp? I can tell ’cause he lookin’
Get a beatdown like we in the bookin’s

Marathon Continues

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