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Riff Raff & MaudestMind Team Up On “Phantom Fanta”

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There was a point in time where RiFF RAFF was an inescapable force in the music industry. His music was constantly criticized yet managed to develop a cult following that had him on the road consistently. Plus, the outrageous output of music often found him connecting with major artists who you probably wouldn’t expect to work with RiFF RAFF.His eccentricities are still as evident as ever. He and MaudestMind have been preparing for the release of their joint project in the past few weeks. In October, they teamed up with Styles P for the single, “Brand New Baller.” Now, they’ve followed it up with a second single titled, “Phantom Fanta.”

Check that out below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the song.

Quotable Lyrics
Criss cross, wrist cost at least two hundred
Calzone, big jar, Colombian kush
Coogi Karl Malone
Security cameras way off in Rome
Watchin’ my house from an iPhone


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