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Ransom, The Game, & Rome Streetz Come Together To “Pray For The Weak”

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Rome Streetz and Ransom have teamed up with The Game for their latest track, “Pray For The Weak,” which has been described as a “street gospel.”

The song comes in at just over five minutes long, giving all three MCs plenty of time to get their verses off and share their clever lyricism with listeners. Ransom starts us off, sounding as confident as ever. “No moral compass on my plate of sins/In this world that’ll celebrate when haters win,” he raps.

After the hook, The Game comes in, offering lines about reflecting on the past after a phone call with Suge Knight and enjoying the luxurious things he has around him now. “It feels good to be living your wildest dreams n*gga,” the 41-year-old says. “Walking around the Hamptons in Louis Vuitton Supreme slippers.”

Last, but certainly not least, is Rome Streetz’s verse. “No chips for the tentative the fortune is only for the bold/Knew I’ll be that n*gga before I had my fortune told,” the New York rapper tells listeners.

If you’ve enjoyed “Pray For The Weak,” we’ve got good news – Ransom and Rome will be dropping a joint album, titled Coup De Grâce on Friday, October 29th. Stream the new single below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Don’t brace for defeat

Just keep your place on your feet

So you can pray for the weak

And be my prey for the week

Disciples that’ll hold a 12 gauge when they preach

Writing scriptures that’ll take you 12 days to repeat

Marathon Continues

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