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Rakeem Miles Enlists Waka Flocka & Chad Hugo For “It Is What It Is”

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You know if Chad Hugo’s on the production, you have a hit on your hands.This week, Baltimore rapper Rakeem Miles set the dancefloor ablaze with his latest offering, “It Is What It Is.” The song includes production from Chad Hugo of The Neptunes with a guest verse coming from Waka Flocka Flame. Though it seems like an odd combination of collaborators, Rakeem Miles’s energetic flow is the glue that brings everything together. Waka’s contributions feels like a throwback to the EDM days while layering his ad-libs underneath the beat.

Miles is currently putting together the final pieces of his forthcoming album. With the release of “It Is What It Is,” maybe we’ll end up receiving the project before the year comes to an end.

Quotable Lyrics
Hands on your knees then bring it up slow
Better stop playin’, need my money pronto
Beat so hard that my neck on swole
I can do this shit with my damn eyes closed

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