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Radamiz’s New Project Reminds Us That “Every Bad Day Has Good News”

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Earlier this weekend, Radamiz returned with Every Bad Day Has Good News, his first album since last summer’s Synonyms of Strength. The latest drop off was mixed and mastered by Rafael Moure, and executive produced by the artist himself, alongside Brandon “Brigante” Márquez, and Waseel Amoura.

The 13-track album includes vocal contributions from Heaven Williams on “The Price,” Big E on “Beautiful Man,” Devin Tracy on “Spades,” and Topaz Jones on “Healing Takes Time.” Other singers on the tracklist include Marlon Craft and HISTORY.

“A piece of my heart shared as my world changes completely,” Radamiz captioned an Instagram post following the album’s arrival. “This project wouldn’t be possible without the many angels on earth around me, aiding me, encouraging. With love, always!”

Early this morning, the rapper also shared with his followers that he received his diploma from New York University in the mail on the same day EBDHGN dropped. “Brought a NYU diploma back to Summer projects…my parents deserve to hang this up.”

What are your top 3 tracks from Every Bad Day Has Good News?


1. The Price (feat. Heaven Williams)

2. Ash Wednesday

3. Beautiful Man (feat. Big E)

4. God’s +1

5. Like (Zagazig)

6. Spades (with Devin Tracy)

7. Healing Takes Time (with Topaz Jones)

8. One World

9. Apple Heads

10. Caterpillar (with Marlon Craft)

11. Humbly, Respectfully, Fuck You! (feat. HISTORY)


13. B What U Want In Life

Marathon Continues

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