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Pressa Stays “Cool, Calm & Collected” With Swae Lee

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This morning (Nov. 3), Pressa released the deluxe version to his December 2020 EP Gardner Express. The original project contained seven tracks with features notable from Sheff G and Jackboy. The deluxe adds seven new tracks, tapping Rowdy Rebel for a feature as well as Swae Lee for the song “Cool, Calm & Collected.””Cool, Calm & Collected” opens with a carefree, boastful verse from Swae Lee sandwiched by his wonderfully sung hook. He dominates the first half of the track, setting it up perfectly for Pressa to come in and effectively match the vibe.

Over the subtle horns and plentiful claps on the instrumental, Pressa does just that. He handles the second verse with flying colors, using it as a warning to his enemies about crossing him: “Couldn’t cross me ’cause Press Machine, he ain’t Catholic.”

Elaborating on his explosive weapons and fine jewelry, Pressa reassures his audience that he still prefers working on his craft rather than partying.

While Swae Lee takes up the majority of the song’s vocals, Pressa’s presence is surely felt when he rattles off his verse. The duo complement each other with matching themes and equally solid performances.

Quotable Lyrics
Hunnid shots when I win my Grammy
I’m in the club and I’m with Swae
She asks me what my neck, I told her, “It’s a hunnid K”
I’m sellin’ drugs, baby
I’ve been workin’ in the stu’ like fuck the club, baby (Club)

Check out Pressa’s new song “Cool, Calm & Collected” featuring Swae Lee below and be sure to stream the entire Gardner Express deluxe.


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