Payroll Giovanni Is Triumphant On “Back 2 The Ba$ics”

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Detroit rapper Payroll Giovanni delivers a 12-song project.


Payroll Giovanni signed to Def Jam Records back in 2017, and he’s stayed busy ever since. In 2018, we interview the Michigan rapper on On The Come Up. By 2022, Giovanni had dropped a whopping 9 albums since the Def Jam deal, and today he’s dropped his tenth.After releasing an official video for the single “Throw the List Away” yesterday, Giovanni has unveiled the project on which it can be found. The album is a family affair, executive produced by his two children. Back To The Ba$ics proves to be an apt title for the project. Each track finds Giovanni in his established comfort zone- it’s all hustle talk. The new album comprises a collection of quick hits. The project is 12 songs long, but sits around 35 minutes in length. The songs make up for their brevity in their bravado- Giovanni delivers breathless bars over trunk-rattling beats.

Back To The Ba$ics is Payroll Giovanni’s first album of 2022, following 2021’s Giovanni’s Way. In 2020, Giovanni released two records, Spirit of a Boss and Ghetto Rich N****z.

Check out the rapper’s new project below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.


1. Looking At My Scale

2. Back 2 The Ba$ics

3. Good And Rich

4. Tommy Bunz

5. Everybody Can’t Go

6. Get Yours

7. My Bag

8. 580 Benz

9. Stayed The Same

10. The Right One

11. Provider

12. Throw The List Away



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