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Pain Is Overflowing From Derez De’Shon & Morray’s Heartfelt New Single, “All Them Days”

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Two of the most soulful Hip-Hop artists from the South have linked up for a surprising, yet well-crafted collaboration.

Clayton County, Georgia’s Derez De’Shon enlists Fayetteville, North Carolina’s Morray for his third new single of the year, and the introspective track, which is titled “All Them Days,” is the motivational, cross-generational collab you didn’t know you needed. The Pain artist’s pen is as sharp as ever, and Morray’s melodies and heartfelt lyrics complement Derez De’Shon perfectly.”I’m really a person who is something that came from nothing, and I live my life like that,” Derez De’Shon says, speaking on the inspirational message behind “All Them Days.” “I’m not in a bubble; I’m in reality. I’m just confessing my life. I make confessional music.”

Watch the music video for Derez De’Shon’s new Morray-assisted single below, and let us know how you feel about “All Them Days” in the comment section.

Quotable Lyrics

When you ain’t eating how the fuck a nigga greedy
Hell yeah I want it all because I ain’t have it when I needed it
And I just wanna ball, but I ain’t make the team this season
Who the fuck can I call when my dogs and them need me


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