NorthsideBenji & Houdini’s Chemistry Is Unmatched On “Repeat”

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NorthsideBenji shares his new single, “Repeat” featuring the late Houdini.


NorthsideBenji went on a brief hiatus between 2019 and 2021 but in the past few months, he’s made up for the time lost. After releasing “30,000 Ft.” with DJ Charlie B and The Extravagant Collection that followed shortly after, NorthsideBenji’s keeping his foot on necks right now with the release of his new collaboration with the late Houdini, “Repeat.” The atmospheric production serves as the backdrop for Northside Benji and Houdini’s new effort, where they rightfully pop their shit and celebrate their success.”Due to unforeseen circumstances we couldn’t get this out when we first made it back in ’19 but On Behalf Of The Houligan Estate we wanted to give yall something special .. Especially the Day Ones Who been rocking fr,” NorthsideBenji wrote on Instagram the night before the song’s release.

Northside Benji and Houdini previously collaborated on songs like “Levels” and “Too Soft.” “Repeat” is another banger that extends their collaborative record together.

Quotable Lyrics
On the 3, we slimey
I just hope my nigga don’t line me
I’ma tell the label, “Don’t sign me”
They do what I say, can’t buy me
I be in L.A., movin’ icey
Bathing in the Ape like a hypebeast



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