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NLE Choppa Unveils “Drop Shit”

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NLE Choppa says he’ll drop a tape on Christmas if he can get 10,000 comments on Instagram.


If you haven’t already seen, we had the opportunity to chat with NLE Choppa for HNHH’s 12 Days of Christmas series. Following our interview with the 19-year-old, he’s returned with a new single, titled “Drop Shit.”“Drop Sh*t out now,” the Memphis-born recording artist captioned a recent Instagram post showing off the song’s new music video, which sees him spitting game in the snow. “#MevsMe on the way. 10K comments and I’ll drop the mixtape on Christmas,” he continued. At the time of publication, Choppa’s post has nearly 2,700 replies.

It’s been a busy year for the rapper – in the last 12 months alone he’s given us “Jumpin,” “I.Y.B.,” “Citi Trends,” “Mmm Hmm,” “Toxic,” “Letter to My Daughter,” “Speed It Up,” “Trust Issues (Remix),” “Final Warning,” “Beat Box 4,” “Big Steppa,” and “Hoopla.”

Stream “Drop Shit” below and leave your favourite lyrics in the comment section.

Quotable Lyrics:

Brodie posted on the block with a fully loaded Glock
When he see a opp, bet that he gon’ pop it

Who would ever thought that I’d be on top?
Signing bitches t*tties in the crowd while they doing mosh pits
Get a bitch from after the show, give her d*ck ’til she throw up
I got her and friends saying that I’m toxic


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