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NLE Choppa Pulls Off A Heist On New Single “Jumpin” With Polo G

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Memphis rapper NLE Choppa has returned with his new single “Jumpin” featuring Chicago’s Polo G. The new track is produced by CashMoneyAP, and it arrives alongside a new music video, which shows the two rappers pulling off a heist. The fiery new single comes ahead of Choppa’s upcoming EP Me Vs. Me, which is set for a release next month.The track has received a great early reception from fans, who are calling this one a certified hit. The two rappers flow seamlessly on the record, blending clever one-liners with fierce and threatening bars for their opps.Check out the charismatic rapper’s new single “Jumpin” below and let us know what you think. Me Vs. Me drops on December 3.
Quotable Lyrics:

Hundred band, hundred band, guns in the Sprinter van
Never play middleman, we gotta get a man
If I don’t feel a man, we gotta kill a man
Spin like a ceiling fan, not for the dividends
Reaping the benefits like he an immigrant
Lot of artillery, special delivery
Show my agility and my ability
Go on a killing spree like we the military

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