Nia Sultana Shares Debut EP “Bigger Dreams” Ft. Rick Ross & Che Ecru

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Nia Sultana shares her new project, “Bigger Dreams.”


After emerging in 2019 with “Coconut Water” that left R&B enthusiasts geeked about the newcomer’s trajectory, Nia Sultana has finally delivered her major label debut EP. On Thursday, Sultana came through with the release of her latest body of work, Bigger Dreams. It’s a seven-song effort that runs for a little over 20 minutes but by the moment “Entirely” kicks off, she’ll have you stuck in a trance. The new body of work emerges weeks after she shared “In The Morning.”Bigger Dreams also includes features from Rick Ross and Che Ecru. Ross assists on “Proven” while Ecru’s contributions are heard on “Cristal.”

Check out Nia Sultana’s new project Bigger Dreams below.

  1. Entirely
  2. Ambience
  3. Proven ft. Rick Ross
  4. Cristal ft. Che Ecru
  5. Bigger Dreams
  6. In The Morning
  7. Element



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