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NBA Youngboy Shares New Song & Video ‘Emo Rockstar’

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NBA Youngboy has been rocking face paint that has some of his fans criticizing his look.

The rapper has been quite care-free, telling listeners that he will continue to do him despite what the people say. “I like doing my face, I like painting my face or putting makeup on,” the Baton Rouge rapper said in a chat on Clubhouse earlier this month. “I like to look in the mirror and see everything black, my eyes and shit.”

NBA has released a new song today called ‘Emo Rockstar’ along with its music video which you can tell was shot during his confinement days. “Rock peace on my face, I got big, big loads on the way / I got bundles of blue hundreds / I won’t take my paint off, just wanna be free so tell ’em, “Please take these links off,” he raps on the track.

Watch the clip below where he wears makeup and paint on his face again.

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