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NBA Youngboy Shares New Song & Video ‘Black Ball’

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NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy shares his new single, “Black Ball.”

NBA Youngboy might be one of the biggest stars in rap but he releases music like a hungry, unsigned artist waiting for a big break. The rapper unveiled Sincerely, Kentrell earlier this year, then followed it up with the NBA Youngboy compilation. In the midst of both projects, his YouTube page began filling up with loose singles that he’d barely acknowledge existed.Just a few days after releasing the double whammy, “Heart & Soul/Alligator Walk,” he’s back with another new record titled, “Black Ball,” and an accompanying video. While he is on house arrest, the rapper offers fans a glimpse into his day-to-day life. The rapper’s syrupy melodies take center stage as he details his persistence and resilience that’s allowed him to survive the streets and come up on top in the rap game, even without the support of radio.

Check out the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
On top of the mountain
Lookin’ down on all these n***as hatin’ on me
And I see, I got ’em all debatin’ on me
Naw, I’m gon’ get paid, can’t take this hate off me

Marathon Continues

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