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NBA Youngboy Releases New Compilation Album ‘Never Broke Again Vol.1’

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again has officially released his first project as part of his new partnership with Motown Records, dropping his new label compilation album with artists including Quando Rondo, NoCap, Meechy Baby, P Yungin, and more.

The full-length release comes following single drops from P Yungin, Meechy Baby, and others. It marks a blend of rap and R&B with hard-hitting street anthems, records for the club, and everything in between. YoungBoy appears a couple of times on the project, including on the brand new single “Tweet Bird.”

This serves as an introduction for many to artists that have been working alongside YoungBoy for the last few years, and it serves as a precursor to upcoming new albums from P Yungin, Meechy Baby, and others in 2022.

Listen to the first compilation album from Never Broke Again and let us know what you think.

Never Broke Again Vol.1 back Music Streaming and Sharing


1. Choppa Dance
2. Pure Dope
3. Did Me Wrong
4. Tweet Bird
5. Red Steps
6. Hit Stick
7. Heading On
8. Cutlass
9. Ghetto Can’t Be Saved
10. Ashes on the Floor
11. Chippewa
12. Sticks
13. Slide On ‘Em
14. Til Da Morning
15. Up In My Sleep
16. Parking Lot
17. See You Again
18. Do U Luv Me

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