NBA YoungBoy Drops Heartfelt “Proud Of Myself” Video

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NBA YoungBoy reflects on adversities he’s overcome on a new single.


NBA YoungBoy has been going through it lately. The rapper reportedly turned down a $25M deal from Atlantic Records to re-sign, and in a recently leaked text exchange, the rapper predicted he would be dead or in jail soon. Mortality might be on the rapper’s mind because of the passing of Lil Keed, the mother of whom YoungBoy reached out to after Keed’s death.On a new song, YoungBoy’s melancholy mood comes to the forefront. Over an introspective piano-heavy beat, the 22-year-old rapper reflects on his success and what he’s had to do to achieve it. His delivery is melodic and soulful, and his lyrics are bittersweet. He details the excess which surrounds him, but claims, “I still don’t feel like I’m home.” The song is bookended by YoungBoy addressing his grandmother, emphasizing just how far he’s come from the child who was always causing trouble.

Check out the song and its accompanying video below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Run it up, way too much racks for a safe
Seven hundred thousand, what I’m paying for the case, that’s a shame
Got a hit for every song that they play, what you say?
I won’t get paid, ain’t no love for the game



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