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midwxst Is Sick Of The Fake Sh*t On New Single “Bluffing” Video

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midwxst Is Sick Of The Fake Sh*t On New Single "Bluffing"

midwxst is back with another rap-pop banger.

Back in August, Indiana-based rapper midwxst sat down with HNHH for our Top 5s series to tell us a little more about himself as an artist, and where he’s from.In the months since, the self-described “happy nerd,” has been on a roll. Dropping “Tic Tac Toe” as a prelude to his September EP, Back In Action, he followed up the eight-track project with another single, “Care” in November.

Yesterday (December 8), midwxst slid back with another record, releasing “Bluffing” with some well-designed, photoshoot-inspired visuals. Rapping over bouncy drums and groovy synths, “Bluffing” is midwxst’s plea for everyone and everything around him to stop acting fake, and perfectly displays the struggle of keeping it real while trying to make it in music.

Quotable Lyrics
Anxiety’s on ten
I been losing all my friends
I don’t want this sh*t to end
Don’t want this to be in the past tense,
It’s really hard to think, it’s really hard to open up


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