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Melii Makes Her Return With 2 New Tracks, “Hey Stranger” & “Would You Let Me Go?”

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Melii also announced she’s got new music coming in 2022.


It’s been a minute since Melii shared solo music, but earlier this weekend, the 23-year-old dropped off a 2-track EP, called Winter in New York City, made up of “Hey Stranger” and “Would You Let Me Go?”.“Hey mob,” the R&B vocalist wrote in a recent Instagram post. “It’s been almost two years and it’s only right to give ya something for the holidays. Top of the year y’all be getting music but for now, I’d like y’all to tune in to 2 vibe EP and ENJOY Winter in New York City #sadgirlmusic.”

Sad girl music isn’t an over exaggeration – Melii’s music will definitely have you feeling some type of way, but who doesn’t love that from time to time? As we dive deeper and deeper into winter, her moody melodies set the pace for your saddest days, providing at least a bit of comfort.

Which of Melii’s new songs do you like better? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Quotable Lyrics:

Cause I’ve been blessing souls since ’97
Anything I touch is turnin’ into gold, like I was sent from Heaven
Momma doin’ shows, now always touchin’ whoa-nah
It’s like I never had the time, not to dwell right now

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