Mahalia Croons Of Love On “Letter To Ur Ex” EP

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Mahalia drops a sampling of smooth RnB on “Letter To Ur Ex.”


Mahalia is a regular on our “R&B Season” playlist, and for good reason. The singer has a knack for silky hooks and an ear for soulful production. With summer around the corner, it only makes sense that she would drop a collection of songs. As she proved with her collab with Burna Boy, “Simmer,” her sound is built for warm days.Mahalia’s new EP, “Letter To Ur Ex,” capitalizes on what makes her special, while also pushing her into new, less-familiar sounds. The title song of the record is a passive aggressive jam, the track’s smoothness belying the low-key viciousness of the singer’s lyrics. “You think you know all about me, huh?” She sings. “You’ve never been me, but I’ve been you, girl.” It’s a song which effortlessly balances empathy and posturing, and which Mahalia returns to in the quiet closer of the EP, “Letter to Ur N(ex)t.”

Other highlights include “In The Club,” which appropriately interpolates 50 Cent’s timeless hit in a neo soul context, and the EP’s halfway point, “Forever,” which swells into a harsher sound than Mahalia has displayed in the past.

Check out the new EP “Letter To Ur Ex” below, and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments.


1. Letter To Ur Ex

2. In The Club

3. Forever

4. Whatever Simon Says

5. Letter To Ur N(ex)t



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