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MadeinTYO & UnoTheActivist Announce New Collaborative Album With “Love Myself”

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It’s been a quiet year for MadeinTYO thus far, but the rapper is planning to make his return with an upcoming full-length release with UnoTheActivist in the coming weeks. Despite not releasing much new music this year, TYO has teamed up with UnoTheActivist, who has dropped a bunch of projects this year, to reveal their upcoming album Yokohama.

The project will be coming out next month after the two spent hundreds of hours together in the studio. Yokohama is set to highlight the duo’s extensive time spent in Japan. The rollout begins with the release of “Love Myself,” a rage single that follows their previous work on “Good Gas” and “Live A Lil.”
TYO and Uno have also announced tour dates for 2022, beginning in Atlanta on February 2 and concluding in Toronto on March 13.

Check out “Love Myself” below and let us know if you’re liking the new single.

Quotable Lyrics:

I met that bit’ when I was overseas
She got plug on drip, yeah, the fuckin’ weed
She’s a party girl and she all on me
Margiela party, yeah, that’s OV
First had Adidas like I’m Kobe

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