Lyno Casino Delivers Dazzling New Number Titled “Picture”

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Next Rated Act Lyno Casino paints a piercing “Picture” on new record

Picture By Lyno Casino will soon be the most replayed song on your playlist On her newest release Picture, Lyno Casino paints a sonic image highlighting the varying realities that could exist behind a fancy photo.

The song is contextually layered, bearing a catchy and danceable mid-tempo vibe while running deep in conscious meaning.

“All of them see my past life, but me only see the future, blessings on blessings on me like big Sean” sings
Lyno on a light lyrical flex.

Picture started as a tone in Lyno Casino’s mind, prompting ShugaBeats to build the tone into a full instrumental composition.

“We already knew the song was going to be a dope one from the start without putting in too much thought,” she confirms. “We thought about a direction for the song and music was made”.

Picture was written by BuyAfromusic and mixed by Shugabeats with additional vocals from vocal powerhouse Raybekahh. Also credited are Pryme, Rogerlino, Godboy and Ubi Franklin, all of whom help to steer the business behind the creative process.

Coming in as her 2022 debut, Lyno refers to the single as an opener that signifies new beginnings and a new direction for her life and craft.

Picture is available on all preferred digital music platforms and you can join Lyno Casino’s growing communities across her social media.




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