Lupe Fiasco Pays Homage To His Hometown On “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION”

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Lupe is back with his latest full-length project.


Lupe Fiasco is one of the most respected MCs in the game. Over the last few decades, he has proven himself to be an incredible songwriter with an impeccable pen. He has classics to his name and with each new project, he looks to switch up his sound and give his fans something that is poignant and thought-provoking. With his latest full-length effort DRILL MUSIC IN ZION, that trend continues.While listening to this album, you will immediately notice that Lupe is paying homage to the sounds of Chicago drill music, while putting his own spin on it. There are plenty of jazzy passages throughout this project, especially on songs such as “GHOTI.” Lupe is spitting bars about the hardships people face today and how we cope with our realities. Every bar is well thought out and fans are certainly going to appreciate Lupe’s work here.

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1. THE LION’S DEEN ft. Ayesha Jaco
3. AUTOBOTO ft. Nayirah
4. PRECIOUS THINGS ft. Nayirah
9. SEATTLE ft. Nayirah


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