Logic Taps Like, Blu & Exile For “Orville”

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Logic is keeping up with those weekly releases until the arrival of “Vinyl Days.”


We’re inching closer to that June 17 release date and once again, Logic returns with another single. Vinyl Days will arrive next month and Logic hasn’t been shy about sharing one track after another. Last week, we received his DJ Premier-assisted “Vinyl Days,” the obvious title track of his record, and today (May 27), Logic is back with a stacked team as he called on Like along with dynamic Los Angeles duo Blu & Exile for “Orville.”This single is on par with the essence of Vinyl Days, as Logic is seemingly sonically inspired by the music that paved the way for Rap artists today. The rapper’s releases on this record are reminiscent of the music that arose in those New York City Burroughs during the inception of Hip Hop, and Logic looks to be going all out for his final album on Def Jam.Stream “Orville” and drop your thoughts on this one by Logic, Like, and Blu & Exile.

Quotable Lyrics

You know I’m too committed to rhyme since my first show in Chicago
Never throwin’ shade, we keepin’ it light like vitiligo
Chain around my neck glisten like El Dorado
Can’t f*ck b*tches with baggage, you married a ho with cargo
B*tches be jumpin’ ship word to Argo


Marathon Continues

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