Logic Calls On Russ To Round Out “Therapy Music”

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Logic’s “Vinyl Days” is slated for arrival next month, so he continues his steady rollout.


As we inch that much closer to the release of Vinyl DaysLogic continues to fire off new singles. We recently received two new songs from the rapper—tracks that were supposed to arrive as a two-pack but Def Jam apparently had other plans—and today (May 6), he returns with a new collaboration. Logic has teamed up with Russ for their track “Therapy Music,” and it’s a single that fanbases of both artists will enjoy.As Russ officially rolls out his DIEMON record label with partner and longtime friend Bugus, we’re expecting to hear more from his camp in the months to follow. He recently shared that DIEMON signed its first artist, LaRussell, so fans are excited to see what develops. Logic also has a bit of news of his own as Vinyl Days is rumored to be set for arrival next month, and judging from what we’ve heard, it sounds as if he’s taking things back to the rhythms of the early days of Hip Hop.

As we await more news from both artists, stream their new collab “Therapy Music” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I keep my ego in check, just me and this instrumental pumpin’ through this cassette deck
Money don’t represent my rank
Yeah, Logic rose from jack but even the Titanic sank
I seen cats with egos bigger than cruise ships lose it
Gain power and abuse it
Same to take my kindness for weakness and confuse it
Same type don’t know I stay with a gat and know how to use it


Marathon Continues

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