Lil Yachty Slides Through With “YAE ENERGY”

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Lil Yachty has remained a polarizing figure in rap since he emerged. On one hand, he is one of the pioneers of the Soundcloud rap generation. On the other, he faced mass criticism for his lyrical abilities and what some perceive to be a dwindling quality of music. However, Yachty has fired back against his naysayers in recent times. Michigan Boy Boat found him going bar-for-bar with some of Detroit and Michigan’s finest (and keeping up) while August’s Birthday Mix 6 offered a glimpse into what he’s been working on.On Friday night, Yachty quietly unloaded a new single titled, “YAE ENERGY.” With production handled by Buddha Blessed, Yachty tackles the boisterous production and flexes his different flows with braggadocious bars.

The latest release from Yachty follows his appearance on Tame Impala’s “Breathe Deeper.”

Check out the latest from Yachty below.

Quotable Lyrics
Six-hundred thousand, I stuffed in the park
Ten different bitches, we made ’em hoes mosh
Maison Margiela soap when I wash
Give me that mouth, your body is botched


Marathon Continues

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