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Lil Reese Delivers “Supa Savage 3,” Featuring Chief Keef, Young Dolph, & More

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On Friday, November 12th, Lil Reese dropped off the third instalment in his Supa Savage series, Supa Savage 3. The latest release is made up of 11 tracks, with Young Dolph, Chief Keef, and Bwuan Bans all making appearances throughout.

The project’s intro track sets the tone for what’s to come, featuring booming production followed by Reese sending out apparent threats on “Come Outside,” rapping, “Better not catch that boy outside/That boy scared don’t come outside,” as the song begins.

Of all the Supa Savage releases so far, #3 includes the least features, perhaps showing that the 28-year-old is becoming more comfortable in his own skin now, although Chief Keef made appearances on both #1 and #2, so it’s nice to see the Chicago natives link up once again.

Reese has been receiving plenty of love on the new project, reposting stories from adoring fans and friends all day long yesterday. “Go stream rn I wanna see this number shoot up on iTunes, link in bio,” he wrote on one post.

Have you listened to Supa Savage 3 yet? If yes, drop your favourite track in the comments.


1. SS3 Intro

2. Come Outside

3. Show Us Some (feat. Young Dolph)

4. Make A Move

5. Mooliani (feat. Chief Keef)

6. Any Hood

7. Really Ride

8. Any Second

9. He Say, She Say

10. Wassup

11. Flash (feat. Bwuan Bans)

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