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Lil’ Kim Seduces Saint Nick On Christmas Song “Big Santa Papi”

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Lil’ Kim’s new holiday single “Big Santa Papi” is on the soundtrack to Nick Cannon’s “Miracles Across 125th Street.”


Lil’ Kim is making noise with the release of her new holiday song, titled “Big Santa Papi,” which was included on the soundtrack to Nick Cannon’s Miracles Across 125th Street. The 47-year-old rapper is trending on social media right now because of the sultry new record, in which she seduces Santa Claus and tells him she knows exactly why he zoomed down her chimney.The raunchy track has resulted in a myriad of reactions online, with hip-hop fans saying that this isn’t the best they’ve heard from the Queen Bee. Many are confused about this song and Kim’s delivery, wondering what the rapper has left in the tank for future releases.

As people continue to share their thoughts on Lil’ Kim’s new holiday single, let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Santa wanna get all up in my business
Santa wanna get it poppin’ this Christmas
Santa wanna throw some dollars on my wishlist
Santa can I bust it open like a big gift?

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