Lil Gnar & Tory Lanez Link Up On “No Switches”

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Lil Gnar and Tory Lanez connect for a banger.


Lil Gnar’s been a staple in the underground for years. His DIY approach to both fashion and music has helped him carve out his own lane in hip-hop with a niche sound. However, he’s proven that he’s also one of the most versatile artists in the game right now.

Over the weekend, the rapper came through with a brand new collaboration with Tory Lanez titled, “No Switches.” Gnar opens the track with a melodic flow as he reminisces about his past. Once the drums drop, Gnar goes in with heavy artillery before Tory Lanez joins him and matches his energy.

Tory’s recently been shaking things up with a slew of collaborations and singles. Just last week, he released his single, “I Like,” wt their new collhich followed “Florida Shit.”

Check out their new collab below.

Quotable Lyrics
I been traveling the world and stayin’ low
Shooters with felonies, they can’t go
I swear I be on Insta’ with all of them pictures
My hitters can live it in real time
When the internet hypin’ and typin’ ’bout how they gon’ take out my light,
I’ma still shine


Marathon Continues

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