Lil Gnar Drops “Skelly” With “Squid Game” Themed Visuals

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With the ever-growing popularity of Netflix’s Squid Game (it was recently announced that Squid Game is the streaming platform’s biggest show ever) it was only a matter of time before someone incorporated elements of the show into their music or music videos.

Enter, Lil Gnar.

Accompanying his new single, “Skelly,” are visuals featuring the Atlanta rapper rocking the signature Squid Game uniform with a handful of armed guards dressed as Squid Game security.

“Skelly” itself does not involve Squid Game, however.

From the opening notes of the bass-heavy, trap instrumental, it is clear that “Skelly” is an ominous tale of what Lil Gnar has done, and will do, in pursuit of the money. “Skelly” is full of gun talk, with Gnar finding every way to say he keeps something him and he is more-than-prepared to use it. Rapping about whipping his wrist to get a Richard Mille, Gnar skates all over the “Skelly” instrumental and in an Instagram promoting the new track, the “No Regular” rapper promised that he’ll drop more music when the video hits a million views.

Quotable Lyrics
Big flame no Charmander
Young n***a out in Atlanta
Too turnt got no manners
Dissing us he dead
God got a double R on the redeye
Drive ghost don’t fly spirit
Next year I need ten million, huh

Check out Lil Gnar’s “Skelly” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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