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Latto Spits Over Yung LA’s “Ain’t I” For L.A. Leakers Freestyle | WATCH VIDEOS

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Amidst speculation that she and 21 Savage are an Atlanta item, Latto took it all the way to Los Angeles to prove her prowess on the mic.

After performing at the 2021 MTV VMAs, and receiving the “Queen of the A” crown from Savage himself, the “Big Energy” rapper stopped by Power 106 in L.A. for a hard-hitting L.A. Leakers Freestyle.

Following up Big Sean’s marathon performance for DJ Sour Milk and Justin Credible last week, Latto hopped on Yung LA’s “Ain’t I” instrumental and, after prefacing her freestyle with the claim that she’s the “queen of the South,” tore it up.

Rapping about everything from her body count to her prolific bank account, Latto skates all over the B-Franks-produced instrumental and backs up every brag with every bar hitting harder than the one before. Rapping about the come up from Goodwill to Girbaud jeans, Latto’s L.A. Leakers Freestyle is a real window into just how good of a rapper she is, without all of the social media noise clouding up judgement.

Quotable Lyrics
Y’all b*tches passed around, bust down, ain’t worth too much
This is a skeleton AP, but me I’m thick as f*ck
How the hell I’m pescatarian in a Lamb chop truck
But that’s besides the fact
How you big? But not the racks?
How you big? Can’t name a track
How you big? Can’t hang a plaque

Check out Latto’s L.A. Leakers Freestyle below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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